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Bridging The Gap
Episode 11 - Family Matters
Stardate 73834.3
MD005 0900 hrs

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Patricide Part II

Posted on Mon Apr 20th, 2020 @ 10:14pm by Commodore Hadir Prenar & Lieutenant Michael Harris & Gul Typhon Prenar & Lieutenant Junior Grade Zodra Losal & Lieutenant Junior Grade Deacon Corbett & Lieutenant Willian Targaryen
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Mission: Episode 9 - Empok's End
Location: Various USS Shenzen
Timeline: MD005 1200 hrs

Last Time On Patricide Part I

With a quick click of a button on the command chair the channel was closed. "Ms Losal prepare the ship for slipstream velocity. Mr Targaryen work with Ensign Elani and set an intercept course. Mr Harris keep close tabs on that ship. I want to know everything about it as it happens." Hadir issued the orders and then sat down with a straight rigid back. The game was afoot and if his suspicions were right there would be a dead Prenar before morning.

"Aye Captain, firing up the QSD." Zodra said, with a big grin on her face. She had the input readouts ready to go. She was eager to see the ship operate in QSD mode.

Willian looked at Elani, "Transferring the flight plan to you now. Let's get on the road."

Hadir leaned forward in his chair, not sure what to expect when they arrived. "Engage!"

And Now For The Conclusion...

The short journey to the Trivas System was relatively uneventful. Hadir ordered the ship to red alert, he had to be ready. If his suspicions were correct they would be fired upon as soon as they broke slipstream. The call came that they were approaching the intercept. "Drop to impulse power. I want full scans on scout craft, hail them as well..."

From the back of the bridge the voice of Michael Harris chimed up. "Sir I am reading a heavily damaged Insignia Class starship, transponder reads USS Churchill. Initial scans show her communications are down. There are a number of heavily damaged Cardassian vessels in the area as well. Attempting to scan the scout vessel now."

"Her engines are offline, and without power being restored, they are going to loose life support sir." Emily pointed out to the captain. She knew, he wanted to go after that small craft, but the USS Churchill, needed assistance.

"Make for the Churchill let's get within transporter range and we can get engineering teams over there so we can continue to pursue the scout craft. I need to know who is aboard that craft." Hadir replied.

Deacon was on the bridge and heard the message. Sickbay was ready to take in the injured. He put his staff on alert and was ready to head their once they were more apprised to the situation.

"Doctor Corbett coordinate with Engineering. The Churchill may need medical assistance." Hadir turned toward the Doc. He knew that they had to render aid but his gut told him not to let the scout ship get away.

“Yes Sir,” Deacon replied and headed on his way to meet with Zodra so they could make a plan to get medical treatment to any survivors quickly.

"Open a hailing frequency to the scout ship." Hadir asked and when he was given the signal he continued. "This is Commodore Hadir Prenar of the USS Shenzen. We have record that you have fired upon Federation ships. Stand down your vessel." Now we wait... Hadir thought. At the very least they may see who was on that craft if they dared to respond.

"Commodore, I doubt the ship is going to respond to your hail, or alter course." Zodra pointed out, recalling on her own past dealings. Living in the Expanse, with such hostility and anger in their sector of space.

Willian looked up from the Mission Ops Console he had temporarily borrowed as the scans of the Churchill repeated on it. "I may be able to hack into their transponder assembly if we are close enough to the scout. It would force a response from them."

In the moment Hadir knew two things, the first was the Zodra was right and the second was that there was not enough time for the XO's plan. "Lieutenant Targaryen you have the bridge and your orders are to remain here and assist the Churchill as needed. Shuttle Bay this is the bridge, prepare a shuttle for immediate departure." The last sentence was addressed into the ship's comm channel. Hadir turned and headed for the turbolift he had a mind to take a shuttle and track down the scout craft himself. Something in his gut told him that was his father in Scout vessel.

There were few things harder in the life of a First Officer than to have to challenge the decision of his Commanding Officer. Stepping away from the Mission Ops console, Willian joined his Captain before the lift departed. "Halt," he ordered the lift before it could depart.

"Sir, your place is on the Bridge of your ship. As your XO I'd be remiss if I let you go on this mission. That being said we both know your father is on that scoutship, so I know there is little chance of you staying behind. I would like for you to have at least some support on this mission."

Zodra waited to see how this played out. The first officer, had a point. Captain's belonged on the bridge, not on a small shuttle. He needed to oversee the bridge, and coordinate help with the Churchill crew.

Damn it Domingo... Hadir thought as he smiled. The Admiral had brought the best of the best to the station and this proved it. "Well in for a penny, in for a pound. I have already had you break orders so, what does it mean to go a little further. Lieutenant Losal have an Engineering team take the prepared shuttle and assist the Churchill. Helm lock in an intercept course. Mr Harris stand by a tractor beam on my command."

"Aye sir, do you want me to lead that team personally or coordinate with Mister Willan?" Zodra asked, as she started to secure her station. She was heading towards the turbo lift doors.

"Stay put and have your team coordinate with the Churchill's engineers. You put enough on the line, you may as well see this through to the end." Hadir replied as he sat back into the center chair. "Lieutenant Harris where is my tractor beam?" If his father was in there he was not about to let him go.

"Aye sir tractor is locked on and ready to fire." Michael replied, and before he could finish his sentence he found himself engaging the beam as the order was given.

The First Officer walked toward the Bridge center, "Be ready for anything because this already seems to easy to me." He crossed his arms and hoped he was wrong.

"Agreed sir, this seems to easy. It feels like a trap." Zodra pointed out, she was use to tactics like this from her time in the expanse. A ship hiding in a nebula near, by and when you working on salvaging. They would jump in, and attack. Some ships did not get away in time.

Hadir sat in the center chair and thought. He crew was right, this seemed too easy. The question was what the hell did his father have in mind. Hadir had to start thinking link his dad, start to think back to his time in the Order. The idea came to him like lightening. "You are all right it's a trap, Harris disengage..." Hadir's voice trailed off as a pulse came from the scout shuttle and up the tractor beam.

"Everyone brace for impact, inverted tachyon pulse is coming in from scout shuttle." Michael called from his station.

Willian grabbed the sides of his chair, knowing full well what the tachyon pulse would do to them. It was too late to prepare an anti-tachyon pulse, so they'd only have to ride it out. But he wasn't going to be caught with his pants down like this again, "Ready phasers and get a targeting solution on his engines."

Zodra was proud of her engines, they were preforming superbly under the current situation. She and the Shenzen was ready to chase down this little ship. She was ready for the helm to push her engines.

The pulse hit the Shenzen and the tractor beam immediately disconnected. The Shenzen was rocked as a couple of consoles exploded. The lights on the bridge flickered out and the emergency lights flashed on. Hadir sat in his chair and rode the wave out. "All stations report. Return fire, I want that ship disabled and in our shuttle bay." Hadir called out.

Zodra was surprised that the small craft, was able to disable the tractor beam of the USS Shenzen. How was that possible, she wondered. She had no idea, who was on that shuttle.

Willian checked the readings on his workstation, "We're limited in our options, Captain. Emergency power's online, but the phasers were charged before the impact. We can get a couple shots off, but that's it." He typed quickly on the panel, checking the readouts carefully. "I'm not sure that we'd be able to penetrate his shields." The El-Aurian paused, "Captain, we both have the same thoughts about who is on that ship. The question is... how would he handle your being injured? Perhaps near death?"

"Auto repair systems are engaging, we will be back on our feet soon. Almost have auxiliary power back online. I have dispatched my engineers accordingly, we will have main systems back online, in no time sir." Zodra called out, following up on the first officers report. She hated the idea that this little ship knocked them offline, who was he, and how did he know how to do that.

"If it is my father, and he believes me dead or dying he would simply leave the Shenzen. His goal is to kill me and to bring the Obsidian Order back. If we want him to stay, he has to be made aware that I am not dead. That no matter what he does like a poor marksman he will keep missing the mark." Hadir said to his XO.

Harris turned from the science station. "Sir the latest scans of his ship show that the pulse hurt him just about as much as it hurt us. He has limited to no power left."

"Thank you Lieutenant Harris..." Hadir said with a clap of his hands. "Lieutenant Losal, if you have enough power, transport that whole shuttle into the shuttle bay."

"Aye Sir." Zodra said, keeping her feelings to herself. She was eager to get the ship quarantined, before tried anything else that would potentially hurt the Shenzen.

Deke double checked to make sure they were prepared in sickbay even though he knew they were. It helped to keep busy.

"Employ a dampening field in the entire bay. I don't want him engaging a self destruct or firing our us with his vessel's weapons. Captain," Willian called out as he approached. "I am willing to accompany you to the Shuttlebay." It was a tactical risk. He had studied his Captain and had a distinct impression he would want to intervene with his father directly. But he would not let him go in undefended.

Hadir smiled at his XO. "Prudent decision Number One. I would be honored..." Hadir stood from his chair as he spoke. He turned to his Science Officer. "Lieutenant Harris you have the bridge." He walked into the turbolift, and he knew that within minutes there would be only one Prenar aboard this ship.

Michael's eyes widened for a moment when he heard the Captain's order. He walked over to the command chair as thought that he would never have to command, and yet here he was. All Michael Harris wanted was to be in a lab, and now he had to command a starship. He hopped into the command chair and in his most resolute voice spoke. "Aye sir, I have the Bridge."

Zodra had a bad feeling, she had seen that look before, growing up in the expanse. She feared that Hadir, would not follow protocol. And take the unknown assailant as a prisoner of war. She could tell there was some animosity. She wondered, how the two knew each other.

Hadir could sense the tension on the bridge as the turbolift doors began to close. He reached forward and grabbed the closing doors, stopping them. "Ladies and gentlemen you should know what is going on here. Unfortunately I cannot have you all come watch, as some need to stay on the bridge. That said feel free to use the internal sensors to see what happens during a Cardassian family reunion. The man on that ship is my father..." He let his voice trail off and his words sink in as the door closes.

"Are we bringing him in, Sir?" Zodra asked. She had a feeling, she already knew the answer. But she wanted to make sure. Hadir, had that look in his eyes, of hate, revenge and justice. All wrapped up into one.

"If he is willing to come, then yes we will be bringing him in. However, somehow I think that he is going to be unwilling." Hadir replied grimly.

"He is only one man, surely we can swarm his ship and over power him?" Zodra asked, a little confused, why they don't just send over a strike force, to capture him.

By the time the words had left Zodra's mouth the Captain and XO were gone and in the turbolift. Michael turned toward the Engineering station. "You are correct Lieutenant, in everything you are saying. I personally agree with you and think it ridiculous what the Captain is doing. Although that said I believe the answer to you question is that the Captain would like to deal with his father himself."
* * * *

Shenzen Security staff were already in place outside the door of the shuttle bay. Hadir approached side by side with Willian. He exhaled heavily through his nose. "Willian, I must warn you I am not sure what is going to happen once I enter. But I cannot let you interfere, this is a family affair and it must end today. Family matters are just as important to Cardassians as they are to Klingons."

Willian had a feeling that this was coming. He wanted to quote every regulation in the books that was against what the Cardassian Commodore had been planning, but he knew that it was a true exercise in futility. He also knew that it would only serve to damage him in the eyes of his Captain, which was something that even his father wouldn't be able to pull him back from. Damned if you do, damned if you don't.

"Since I may very well end up in front of the Admiral over this regardless just don't let yourself get killed, Sir. I'd rather you be standing alongside of me to help soften the blow with him than me have to meet with him by myself." It was meant to be a bit lighthearted, but was also the truth.

Hadir smiled and nodded in agreement. "I have already sent him a message that all we have done was under my direct orders. No one has ever been held accountable for following a superior's orders. So that should get you and the crew off the hook." He turned and entered the Shuttle Bay resolute in what he had to do.

Willian hated to think that he was reassured by what the Commodore had said, but he was. He nodded in agreement, motioning for his CO to lead the way. He kept his hand on his phaser though, waiting for what needed to be done.

Gul Typhon Prenar stood walked calmly out of his shuttle. He informed the gathered security personnel that he would be going no where and harming no one until the Captain arrived, until his son arrived. Typhon even raised his hands to show them that he had no weapons and no intention of harming them. So, the standoff held for a few moments, security keeping phasers trained on the Cardassian and Typhon just waiting. This held until Hadir entered the bay.

Hadir stood boldly in front of the security forces, and spoke over his shoulder. "No matter what happens you are to hold your fire." He then turned his attention to his father. "Gul Typhon Prenar, I hereby place you under arrest for crimes against the Cardassian government, and for attacking Starfleet vessels unprovoked."

Typhon laughed boisterously. "Do you really think that is the way this going to go down. I have come here willingly, I could have left the area if I really wanted to. However, one of two things will happen now. Either I will die, or you will die. My son...." He lounged forward and thrust a shoulder into Hadir's midsection and the two toppled to the ground.

The XO hated what was happening before him. While he had every confidence in his Captain, he still knew that there was a chance that this wouldn't go well. He motioned to his Security staff, ordering them wordlessly to hold the line. If the Commodore failed... then it would change in an instant.

As quick as he could Hadir scrambled to his feet. The initial attack took him off guard, Hadir would not make that mistake again. He swung his left fist for a punch to the top of Typhon's head. This attack was blocked as Hadir had expected, he quickly struck and uppercut with his right fist. He followed the uppercut up with three blows to the midsection, this got Typhon backing up. In a flash Hadir picked up his father and threw him into the shuttle. The senior Cardassian hit the shuttle hard, and a trickle of black blood began to ooze down Typhon's head. All the years of hatred, of anger, and of frustration had come pouring out of the Commodore's body. "I don't want to kill you... Surrender!" He shouted, and one could hear the anger.

Typhon smiled as he hid his face from Hadir's view. With his right hand he reached behind his back and pulled a small dagger from his belt. Now he waited for his son to take the bait. Hadir could see that Typhon was not moving, and thought his father's life may have ended with the collision with the shuttle. He jogged over and as soon as he was in range Typhon lunged with the weapon. Hadir jerked back and the dagger barely missed the Commodore. A swift kick from Hadir caused the dagger to go clattering to the ground. He punched two times swiftly to Typhon's face. The senior Prenar responded with a leg sweep, and Hadir dropped to the floor. Typhon was on his son's back in an instant banging Hadir's head into the floor. "You will know the power of the Order..." Typhon shouted.

Hadir's hands were scrambling for something, anything and after his head hit the deck for the third time they found the handle of Typhon's dagger. With one lightening fast movement Hadir rolled over swinging the dagger toward Typhon. Typhon Prenar did not see it coming and the dagger found it's mark as it pierced the older Cardassian in the neck. A spurt of black blood shot out from the wound and a trickle came out of his mouth. The look of shock was in Typhon's eyes. "It ends here..." Hadir whispered as his father slumped over to the side.

Willian looked to the Security guard to his side, "Alert medical that we will need a coroner." He walked toward the Commodore, "Sir, are you alright?"

“On my way,” Corbett replies. “He signaled a couple of his people and headed on their way. Deacon hoped it wasn’t someone from the crew. He would have to bring the body back to sickbay for an autopsy.

Hadir smiled halfheartedly as a trickle of blood came down from his forehead and from his mouth. "I am well Number One, thanks. Please make sure that this Piece of SH@# is cleared from our Shuttle Bay..." His anger overwhelmed him, and Hadir's adrenaline was still pumping. He tried his best to control it. Hadir was about to make his way to the bridge and then he remembered Starfleet protocol. Hadir turned toward Willian. "In accordance with Starfleet protocol. I will wait here for the Doctor. Number One the ship is yours, take the bridge and get our crew back home." Hadir stared at the carcass of his dead father as he waited for medical and his destiny.

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